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Try Me Out!

I know you may be interested in trying relaxation but not quite ready to hand out your email and want to be sure you found a good fit. 

I get it! So I’ve decided to offer FREE classes so you can try me out! See if I’m your kinda teacher. 

So if you’ve been seeking ways to access relaxation in the ever-shifting landscape of your life?  Does it feel like the weight of the world with all responsibilities weighing on your shoulders? 

Join me for these complimentary practices to find a path to connect to your body, mind and spirit through movement, breath and meditation. 

Take time for yourself and rejuvenate your soul through various techniques to deepen your connection. 

If you are wanting to explore your yoga practice deeper PRIVATE SESSIONS are available. 

Perhaps you are seeking more than yoga and would like to explore coaching. Join me for a FREE exploration call schedule time that works for you.