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Time is an Illusion and I Want to Control Its Passing

Time is an illusion


Time is an illusion and it is common for people wanting to control the passing of time.

Mostly people may feel there is never enough time in a day and or notice time is passing faster and faster.

Let’s explore 5 easy ways to create more time in your schedule. This will create space to grow more of what you want in life. More time to enjoy self care and more time to de-stress.

Einstein said “The dividing line between past present and future is not illusion. So basically reality is ultimately timeless. Time is relative and flexible”.

What would you think if I suggested there is no physical matter, so in essence no time, no space, or motion.  In the physical world we live,  time is not an innate human sense. If we were to sit in a room in complete peace with no movement or noise and no clock we would not be able to tell time. We perceive time through a sense of action, by physical things happening one after another. Our mind experiences these events and tells us a certain amount of time has passed.

Time is a construct of our minds.

So that is a little intense for us to think about and yet in reality we all seem to run out of time.

How often do you hear not enough hours in the day, I wish I had just a few more minutes.  All of sayings relate to wanting to draw more time into our lives.

This gets me thinking; do we know how we truly spend our time.  As a fun exercise if you’re interested explore how your time is spent. Download this WORKSHEET and move through the exploration to see where your time is spent in a day.

Exploring where your time is spent is one way to perhaps make more time. Once we understand how we are spending our time we are able to see what we may be able to let go or consolidate.

The purposes of this blog is to perhaps explore 5 ways to create more time in your day.

1. Make the most of your peak times ?

What does this mean? Are you a morning, afternoon or evening person? When you take a moment to notice your patterns it may reveal when you’re most productive.

This is the time for you to turn off your phone, shut off your phone turn off your emails and focus on the task at hand. Create space in the day when you perform best. You will be amazed how much you get done.

I am a morning person! I am up at 430am and ready to work. When do you feel most productive?

2. Get organized ?

What is it that you would like to do in a day? Get clarity on what needs to be done. Try not to overwhelm yourself about all the things that need to be done this month or this year. Just focus on what needs to be done today.

If you organize your day then you will be more successful and create less stress in your life.

We often feel much better when we sketch out what needs to be done. At the end of the day you will see what you have accomplished. This can reduce your stress and feel successful at what you have done. If you add too many things to your to do list you will create a perpetual state of stress because the list will never get done.

3. Schedule in time for you ?

Reward yourself for all the hard work you do. If this means you need to schedule this time then get it in your calendar then DO IT! Schedule a  walk, get some fresh air. Find anyway that-energizes or rejuvenates you.  To make more time in the day is to ensure that you are nourishing and taking care of you.

Working from a place of lack will only delay your productivity and create a mountain of more work and stress.

4. Find your time wasters ?

The above time exploration ]may help you notice where you’re spending too much time. This could be looking at emails more than once, social media, or reading the ever inundated news that comes across our computers.

Notice where you may be spending too much time and start to minimize or schedule how much time to spend there. Use a timer. Get serious about your time and boundaries.

5. Batching 

This is a new concept to me and I love it.

When I talk about batching I find that it has reduced my stress levels immensely. I have batched out my entire week noting what needs to get done.

For example I will batch time in order to do my social media posts. So on a Monday morning I will post all of my social media and then not have to worry about constantly checking the social media throughout the week. It is not to say that if something comes up I want to post I can’t but it means I know that I have maintained this part of my business. What activities do you do on a regular basis that you scatter through the week and could potentially batch.

There are many other tips on saving time; I am just happy to get you started!

So you may be asking what the heck does this have to do with yoga and relaxation⁉️

Well let me tell you…one of the most common things I hear from students is they do not have enough time to devote to relaxation for themselves. When we begin look at our lives from a place of overview it reminds us all things are interconnected including time and stress release.

In order to make time for self care and stress relief it is important to understand how we spend our time.

It may be that you schedule in your self-care time AND be adamant this is your time. Set the boundary. This is your time for you it cannot be DELETED!

I hope some of these ideas resonate with you. If you completed the exercise I would love to hear from you if there were any a-ha moments or something that you had not realized.

Much love

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