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The Voice Inside Your Head: Is it Actually Friend or Foe?

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Do you have a voice inside your head? Ever wonder if it is a friend or foe?

So I’m going to let you in on a little secret….wait for it…..WAIT FOR IT…..

We all have a voice inside our head!

I’ve named my Betty. Why Betty? I’m not sure but it seems to fit.

I remember when I was young I would never admit I had a voice inside my head. Are you kidding me I thought everyone would think I was crazy. And now I am so happy to know we all have a VOICE inside our head.

Doesn’t that feel better already; knowing you’re not alone.

The Voice inside your head

This voice is a real pain in the ASS some days. The voice brings forward worries something will go wrong, criticism when you do something, guilt (my all-time favourite) and anger. The voice is interpreting everything that is going on in our lives because we don’t have the time to pause and question. The voice is our autopilot.

Think about it like this. We breathe every day and yet never thinking about breathing. We move through life everything and rely on the voice to interpret what is going on without questioning it. We move through life unconsciously. When we don’t question the thoughts or the voice what happens is it triggers our emotions as our emotions are a result of our thoughts.  Now that is a whole other blog.

Sometimes your voice can be nice but other times it creates dysfunction in our lives.

If you take NOTHING away from this blog please take this away. YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. THE VOICE IS NOT WHO YOU ARE!

So I have a question for you. Have you ever had a dialogue in your head and then the moment wonder where did that come from? Why did I say that? Why is that thought present? At that moment you are AWARE of your thoughts. You are giving presence and bearing witness to the voice inside your head!

Creating and cultivating awareness is starting the exercise of self-observation it removes us from nagivating life unconsciously and we become awake and aware! It is like awakening from a dream state and beginning to move through life listening to your heart and not your head.

This awareness is also known as mindfulness

Until you begin to cultivate this self-awareness or mindfulness, whichever term resonates for you, you may likely be living on autopilot as noted above. And guess what no judgment. We all do that too. When living on autopilot it feels a little like having no control over our thoughts, action, emotions in fact it can generate the feeling of having no control over your own LIFE.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change. Echart Tolle 

Awareness is our SUPERPOWER.

When we become aware of the voice inside our head we begin to be able to redirect the voice. We’re able to make conscious choices in our life that are best for who we are and we can choose to have more positive emotions.

Take a moment and listen to the voice inside your head. Are there thoughts repeating themselves. Be the observer of the thoughts perhaps journal what keeps coming up 

As you begin to practice this awareness and practice noticing your thoughts, your reactions, you’ll be able to start to observe who you truly are. Think about a time when you’ve been angry imagine for a moment where you pause and observe the anger and avoid coming entangled with this surface-level drama. What if you allowed yourself to come deeper, below the anger and find peace, contentment and joy no matter what is going on in your mind.

Finding the connection to the deeper space within you is finding your higher self. When we go to this place it is a space that is untouchable a place you can seek refuge and find peace at any given moment

When you begin to get playful and notice your thoughts and be the observer it creates an opportunity for you to notice perhaps why you feel insecure, why are you feel unworthy or why you are not trusting of others

When we cultivate awareness in our lives we create an opportunity to live in the present moment by living in the present moment we create the power to observe and redirect her thoughts, emotions and our behaviours as it is only accessible to us when we are present remembering the present moment is all we actually have.

3 Tips to Cultivate Awareness!

  1. Acknowledge and name your inner voice
  2. Journal  the repeating thoughts you are experiencing
  3. Pause when your emotions are overtaking you and notice what is the voice telling you in this moment.

Finally, remember this is a practice. Approach this new idea with self-love and compassion. It is an opportunity for your deeper connection to grow and for you to begin to notice what is going on in your inner thoughts. It’s not a time to pile on more negative self-talk.

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