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Stop Wondering How to Create a Morning Routine!

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I don’t know about you BUT I hated to hear how having a morning routine was going to make it all better. Yet I struggled with all the tips I read about.

For years I was stuck in the roundabout focused on getting work done and getting as much done in a day as I could. So this meant I would get out of bed and get at it, check emails, respond to emails, scan social media so maybe I could have a jump on the day! Guess what I never got a jump on the day what I did do was stress myself out even more.

When I paused and reflected I noticed I was spiralling into dis-ease.

So I begrudgingly started to try a morning routine. And when I say begrudgingly I mean I started it kicking and screaming and it did not come easy to me.

Then I discovered a secret…

A morning routine was not about meditating, or journalling or the 5am wake up club (or whatever it’s called). The secret was to find my own routine and give myself permission for it to be different every day if it needed to be. My morning routine was about finding an inner calm and noticing what I needed that day because every day is different so how can the same morning routine support a different day each day.

I meditate some days, other days I journal, workout, yoga and the list goes on. My FAVOURITE is turning on music and dancing, just moving my body to the sound and maybe even singing it out I let my body and soul guide me.

Once I gave myself permission to do what I needed to do my morning routine became something I LOVED and look forward to when I get out of bed.

If you struggle finding consistency in a morning routine I invite you to just do YOU. A morning routine is about you and what makes you FEEL JOY, FEEL FREE and whatever LIGHTs YOU UP so you can start your day from this place of high vibration and energy.

That my friend is how to start a morning routine.

Trust me your day will be better and you’ll feel amazing.

I learned my morning routine was not about SHOULDING on myself BUT rather FREEING myself.

I would love to hear about your morning routine hit reply and let me know!



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