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Retreat = Self Care ?

We see and hear the clichés about self care almost daily through social media, the internet and advertising: Self Care is not Selfish; Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First, Love Yourself First and then Everything Falls into Line and so on and so on. ?

They may be cliché and we may be bombarded by these words each and every day and yet the words hold so much wisdom.  ?  I believe sometimes we need to hear it over and over again until it lands. It will only land when we are ready to embody the message. ?

Let’s dive a little deeper – what is self care?

I like the following definition:

Selfcare is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. … Good selfcare is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others.

I would add also taking care of our spiritual health. ?

We are more than one dimensional and all parts of who  we are need to be nourished: our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies.  ?‍♀️

This takes work.

Sometimes it is easy to nurture our physical and intellectual bodies and the emotional and spiritual are ignored. This brings an unbalance into our being and dis-ease into our bodies.

Learning to take time for self care is a way to nourish all parts of who we are.

There are many ways to find self care BUT my favourite is a RETREAT!!!

Why a Retreat??

There are many reasons for a Retreat but let’s check out my top 5:

  1. CONNECT TO THE RHYTHM OF LIFE: Removing ourselves from our daily lives and the frenetic pace we keep with work, family, friends and technology we may become disconnected with the core of our being. Leaving our daily life and heading on a retreat disconnects all responsibilities and the focus turns inward and we begin to find our rhythm.
  2. CONNECT TO OUR TRUE SELF: Responsibilities with work, family and everything else we care we lose touch with our true self.  A retreat is a like a date with you. It is time to reconnect to your true self and become reacquainted with all parts of you.
  3. FIND YOUR TRIBE: Spending time with like minded people in a relaxed and safe space creates a beautiful energy. It is a time to connect with others and is an opportunity to unlock your own creativity.
  4. RESET AND CREATE NEW ROUTINE: finding time to focus on your own needs a new routine or practice may develop. A practice that can be carried back to daily life to continue to support all parts of who you are when you return to life.
  5. INVESTMENT IN YOU: attending a self care retreat is a long term investment in you. It is create spaciousness in your life and nourishes your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being. After a retreat you will find happiness within you and around you.

There are many reasons you may hold off on a retreat. Here are some reasonings I have used to deter me from a RETREAT and what I think now!

  • A retreat is self indulgent….
    • Yes a retreat is self indulgent it should be! Guess what you are worthy of a little self indulgence. You are there for others and it is time to take care of yourself. Again the clichĂ© self care is not selfish!
  • I only have so much vacation time…
    • Is vacation time not about you finding the ability to reset, decompress and find balance. Studies have shown it takes up to the 8th day to relax. It is recommending booking between 7 to 11 days off in order to find the full benefits of relaxation.
  • I will not know anyone….
    • This is a good thing! Discovering people who are also seeking a reconnection to self. Finding and expanding your tribe. This is an opportunity to enrich your life with meeting new and exciting miracles.
  • I cannot leave my family they will never survive…
    • I have a secret for you…they will survive. They may even grow and learn a few things while you are away. The retreat will create spaciousness for you and it will do the same for those you love. It will be a time of reflection to see all that you do.

I am sure there are more and if you pause for a moment and contemplate I am sure you may be able to shift your perspective.

Interested in a little self care!

Ready to dive into a retreat where you will nurture all parts of who you are?

Join me and my friend Julia for a beautiful retreat in Jamaica this December: Connect to Your Inner Light through Yoga & Ayurveda.

It is time to shift your perspective and create space for you.

If you want more information click here: Jamaica Retreat December 2020

If you have questions let me know at info@mistylucaswellness.com.

Much love and peace,

Misty ?

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