Reset, Realign & Rediscover

I help working women with an autoimmune illness take back control of their health by examining their flares to reduce the triggers and live their life with balance and joy.

When you understand your body and what it needs to live optimally, taking back control is easier than you think. 


Being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness itself is terrifying, layered with medications it can all feel overwhelming...BUT I know you have the power within yourself to shift how your body reacts to the illness...

If the medications alone solved the problem of autoimmune illnesses then life should return to normal BUT it doesn’t. The reality is the medications make you feel worse and the illness grows. Over 25 million people in North America have been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and 72 to 78% are women. Pretty crazy, right? Women diagnosed often feel ashamed, guilty and live a life of deprivation just to try and keep it together. An autoimmune illness is soul destroying. 

It’s not that you don’t want to get your health back and return to living life. It’s you don’t know the way. The medications overwhelm and exhaust and there no other options seem to be available through conventional medicine. My friend I’m here to tell you that you’re NOT alone.




It’s hard when you don’t meet the standards you set for yourself, which by the way are probably way over the top. A diagnosis of an autoimmune disease throws a wrench into the perfectly laid out plan called life. It’s hard to mange the feelings of shame and guilt because the fatigue is so powerfull all you can do is lay down and rest. Or maybe you push yourself so hard the pain becomes unmanageable you seek ways to self soothe that are toxic to your system. Most days you feel isolated and disconnected from your parnter and forget intimacy that is a part of the past and seems like it will never return. You listen to your doctors and take your medications which only seems to create more dis-ease in the body as they are worse than the illness itself. It’s time to call it! It’s time to find a better way, and my friend there is a better way. A method where you can tap into the wisdom of your body and the power of your mind. Learn to heed the call of rest and use tools to reset. It’s time to take back your health and find a better way to live your best life. 


When I arrived for my Restorative teacher training , I was immediately present. was drawn in by the personal stories Misty told about her path to teaching and how yoga had changed her life. She formed instant bonds with her students and made time for all of us to share as well. The atmosphere of support and kindness was ever present with Misty’s style of teaching
Port Stanley Ontario

I was 36 years old, on top of the world and then my diagnosis...

It started with feeling more and more fatigued. I began needing coffee in the afternoon, energy to work out was non-existent, I began to experience inflammation and Advil became my best friend. It was no longer wine on the weekends it was wine every damn day so I could get to sleep and yet I never felt rested. Mornings were a struggle I could barely wake up and when I did my brain was foggy. Pain and fatigue dominated my every waking moment.

Getting out of bed seemed insurmountable. Having to put my feet on the earth to take a step was excruciating. I couldn’t get down the stairs without help, which was humbling, angering, and frustrating all in the same moment.  

I remember driving to work, waiting for the parking garage door to open with tears rolling down my face. I didn’t know if I could survive another day.

For months I suffered and kept plugging away believing this was what life is like when you’re busy and successful. I just needed to push through and eventually it would shift.

Then I could no longer push through. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In that moment, my life was over. Nothing would ever be the same.

I began to notice my pain and suffering now included desperation. Nothing was working. All I could do was sleep and cry and exist in a black hole alone.  

Finally, after endless struggle, I found myself in a yoga class. Prior to my illness, yoga was about fitness. But this class was an act of surrender—I had nothing to lose. I went in and laid on the mat and did some movement, but spent most of the time in savasana. I left class that day feeling a little better. 

It took time and a lot of work on my part but I found the path to a better life than I had before my diagnosis and took back my health.

If you can relate to any of this I would love to help you find your path with my coaching program I developed to incorporate all the tools I learned along the way. 

Are You Ready to Walk Your Path Back to Health?

You know your body best and you’re capable of accessing optimal health even though it may seem unachievable with your diagnosis. I know it’s possible and I want to get you there. End the cycle of the emotional roller coaster, endless fatigue and pain and take back your life. I believe in you and let’s do it together.