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Yoga Is Not For Everyone – 5 Reasons Yoga May Not be Your Jam!

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Do you want to scream if one more person tells you to try yoga because it will make you feel better? Is your thought Yoga is Not For Everyone.

I LOVE YOGA so it was interesting when I saw a post in a private FB Group for rheumatoid arthritis with someone saying they were tired of hearing how yoga would be great for RA.

This was astounding to me because of how important yoga was on my journey.

I paused and decided to explore the idea of how yoga may not be for everyone.

But as I pondered this comment I began to realize that perhaps yoga is not for everyone and thought I would share five of the top reasons why yoga may not be your jam.


If your mind is focused and unimpeded by prevalent thoughts or a busy mind you are correct YOGA is not for you.

Yoga is a practice that helps us focus on the present moment and keep us from being distracted by our thoughts on the endless loop. Yoga also improves our reaction time, our memory and our coordination.

When yoga is in your life it can assist with recalling information and improve problem solving abilities.

But you are correct if you are the master of your own mind another reason yoga is not for you.


That is right if your muscles and joints move with ease and you have no pain or tension than YOGA is not for you.

The practice of yoga helps us build muscle strength and can decrease pain from certain conditions such as arthritis.

Yoga also creates better balance and flexibility by taking joints through full range of motion and lengthening the muscles through movement.

Again if your body is in superior condition and you experience no issues this is another reason yoga is not for you.


You have absolutely no stress in your life and are able to maintain a completely balanced nervous system.

Yoga calms the mind and also allows us to bring our nervous system back into balance. When we are stressed our nervous system is in fight or flight and yoga can bring us back to our more calming parasympathetic nervous system by lowering our heart rate and decreasing blood pressure.

Again if you experience no stress then yoga is not for you!


If you’ve never experienced breathing problems then no need to practice yoga.

Yoga is a practice that may increase our respiratory rate and the volume of breath we bring in.  The practice creates greater efficiency in our inhalations and exhalations as well as filtering the air and remove pollen and dirt before entering into our lungs. The filtration is as a result of learning breath practices where we breath through the nose.

Breathing is not a concern than yet another reason yoga is not for you!


You have a fully functioning immune system so no need for yoga.

Yoga has shown to improve our immune function to fight off illnesses.  Meditation has been proven to aid in our immune system.  Also in yoga as we contract and lengthen muscles moving through postures it increases drainage in our lymphatic system a system that fights infection and remove waste products from cellular functioning.

If you are never sick yet again another reason yoga is not for you!

I know I know a little tongue-in-cheek but I had your attention 🙂   

Yoga for me was a life saver and it may not be for every one. We are all on our own path and find ways to support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

My invitation with this blog is to perhaps pause and reflect what you need in life.

Yoga is not just about the postures it includes meditation, breath work and self exploration. The postures may not be what you need and yet the meditation might be exactly what you are looking for.

Remembering you can enter yoga through any of its facets and reap the rewards. It is all about you and creating the space to honour your needs.

If you want to give yoga a try join me for your FIRST CLASS FREE online.

Maybe you are looking one on one yoga so you can explore your own practice. If that is case let’s connect and chat or take a look at my Private Offerings.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with yoga.

Much love,


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