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Private Yoga Sessions

In-person sessions

During these interesting times, all in-person yoga sessions have been suspended. When in-person sessions become available again I can travel to your home to offer private yoga sessions.

remote sessions

I am excited to offer private sessions online through zoom. You can purchase multiple classes or check out the various yoga and coaching packages and share an online portal with me for your sessions and connection.

Why Private Yoga Sessions?

There are a variety of reasons for the need for private sessions; recovery, time constraints, new to the practice or wanting to deepen your practice one on one.

No matter the reason I am here to guide you to find your own wellness path with various yogic principles and explorations.  

My intention with offering private sessions is to guide you to discover your own true path.

Perhaps one of these reasons resonates for you and may assist you in understanding how private sessions can be supportive to you. 


Private sessions are immensely supportive for people who are recovering from illness are invaluable. Insurers have funded private sessions for me to work with clients who are moving through recovery.

When working privately the sessions are created based on the goals of the client. I work with the client and their treatment team to ensure continuity of care.

Private sessions offer an opportunity to learn tools to manage pain and create mindfulness while learning to find connection, relaxation and restoration of the body, mind and spirit. 


Life may be too busy to bring in self-care. Does this sound familiar? 

I provide private sessions online, in your home, your office and work within your schedule. Therefore, this provides an opportunity for you to build your own practice of pranayama, movement and mindfulness.


Perhaps self-care and focusing on your needs are new for you. Embarking on a new journey can be scary and the instinct is for privacy. I respect and understand starting this type of journey may terrifying. Because of this, I am happy to work with you privately. One-on-one sessions create safety and space for you while diving into movement, breath work and explorations. Because of this, we can begin to build the path you desire to find more connection and rejuvenation. 

Private sessions offer specialized classes geared directly towards their own goals, desires and comfort.


Available Yoga Packages

Recovery Package

Moving through injury or illness is challenging. It is difficult physically and emotionally and feels like a lonely journey.

You are not alone. I am here to listen, hold space and develop yoga that suits your needs.

Together our focus is on you and your needs.I‘ve got your back!

To learn more about what is included in this package click the link below.

Independence Package

This amazing package of private yoga sessions is dedicated to those people who want to become independent with their yoga practice.

Our one-on-one sessions will be focused on your yoga goals and ensure you learn yoga starting from the foundations.

To learn what is included in this package be sure to click the link below. 

Dive Deeper Package

Join me on a deeper exploration into your yoga.

We will build your physical practice and incorporate teachings of yoga philosophy on and off the mat.

This package provides a guide to find the connection you have been craving and expand your consciousness through yoga.

To dive into this package and get all the information to be sure to click the button below.


Interested in exploring a more simple approach to private yoga sessions? Private Yoga Sessions in packages of 3, 6 or 10 available. Click on the button below for more information and to purchase now. Once the classes are purchased we will schedule our first session. 


common questions

Once you decided whether you want to purchase private yoga sessions or a more in depth package we will schedule an intake to create space for you to share your goals and I can begin the creation process for our first session together. 

Session length depends on what you’ve chosen to purchase.

The coaching sessions are 45 minutes in length and the private yoga sessions are normally an hour.

I don’t take insurance directly for private yoga sessions. Insurance policies have begun to recognize the benefits of yoga and I would recommend review the details of your policy. 

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle collision I have worked with treatment teams and auto insurers have paid for private sessions. 

Life coaching is not covered by insurance.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further. 

The cost varies for private yoga sessions or coaching sessions. It is determined on the amount of sessions you choose to purchase. The pricing information is noted in each package. 

Whether coaching or yoga it will always vary person to person.

My intention when sharing yoga private sessions is to guide and support women as they find their own yoga practice.

Coaching women provides an opportunity to guide and assist women who are struggling with life’s challenges. 

Whether you purchase a coaching or yoga package you can schedule the first session through our own portal using Calendly to meet your availability.