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Private Yoga Lessons..to do or not to do

Have you been wanting to try yoga? Ever considered Private Yoga lessons? Is your practice at a standstill and you want to move deeper into your own practice? Considered private yoga classes but not sure what the benefits? ?

If you have pondered these questions at any point; perhaps now is the time to explore the potential of having one on one yoga classes. 

We are all living through extreme times right now, life is unstable, uncertain and creating an emotional roller coaster for many.   ?

Yoga is a practice that can provide grounding, calming and the feeling of reconnection to self and others as we navigate this new world.

Yoga is my super power and is something we all need more than ever in this moment.  ?

Headstands and balancing on one leg are not the only things that define yoga; it is much more. There are 8 limbs of yoga that include the following: asanas (postures) it includes dhyana (meditation), pranayama (breath practices), pratyahara (withdrawl of senses), dharana (concentration), yamas (self-restraint), niyama (observance) and samadhi (union). ??

The 8 limbs of yoga outline the various aspects to yoga and yoga truly is for every body.

What do you desire from your yoga;  what do you need from your yoga; interested in discovering the potential of  your own yoga?

My yoga practice has grown and changed over the years. It does not matter where you start it only matters that you do start. ?

Having personally started my yoga through a very physical practice and the desire and goals focused on fitness, sweating, challenging my body in ways I did not know possible. Yoga gave me all of this when I started. Meditating, concentrating and all the rest were not of interest and at the time not accessible to me.

As I grew and life changed my practice changed I focus now on the quiet practices; the moon practices. These practices sing to my heart and connect me to something greater than myself and remind me I am a part of all that is and I am never alone.

There still is a a physical component to my practice, it is different now as I listen to my body and my needs before I begin.

During these times my studio is closed and yet I know I am meant to continue to share what I love; YOGA. Now it is in a different way. ?

As a yoga teacher my focus and passion is on restorative yoga and working privately with people in order to create the support and space for an exploration of their own practice

Technology provides me with the ability to connect remotely with people who are seeking out yoga.

NOW is the time to consider private yoga lessons.

Private yoga lessons creates the focus on your practice and where you want your practice to take you.

There are different reasons to seek out private lessons. Perhaps insecurity exists on starting or continuing with your own yoga practice; maybe you are seeking something deeper than what is offered in a studio class such as diving into yogic philosophy, it may be that you are recovering from an injury or illness and want to feel empowered on how you choose to practice.

Whatever the reason a private yoga lesson is focused on your and your needs.

In today’s world we have this extraordinary opportunity to slow down and dive into what we need. There is a calm under the storm we are experiencing and yoga is a way to access this beautiful space. ?

I am grateful and excited about continuing to offer one on one yoga with anyone who wants to explore this amazing practice. ?

There is nothing that can replace in person connection and yet connecting online and sharing your goals, intentions and desires for your own yoga practice can still be met through the use of technology.

If you are feeling disconnected, isolated and looking for something to bring you home to your own heart perhaps trying a private yoga session would be worth trying.

Find the calm in the present storm! 

I would be happy to have a FREE personal consultation to discuss the potential of creating your own practice.

Interested?  I would love to hear from you.  Send me an email to misty@mistylucaswellness.com or

Read more about private lessons Here.

Be well, be safe, be happy!

Much love and peace,

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