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It is safe for me to release and relinquish all ancient vows of silence. It’s safe for me to open the front and back of my heart. It’s safe for to rise up and do the highest and boldest version of the work that is calling me

#RISESISTERRISE Mantra by Rebecca Campbell 

About Me

Hey there I’m Misty,

I’m excited you’re here!

I’m a Life Coach and Restorative Yoga Educator. Two of my passions combined create amazing offerings for you.

I’m inspired to work with professional women who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness,struggling with continuing to live their lives and not feeling confident in the health care plan to cope with their illness.

Are you over feeling fatigued from the diagnosis and the medications or maybe you no longer want to rely on that glass of wine and drugs to help you get to sleep every night or maybe you no longer want Advil as your breakfast companion?

Whatever it is for you I’ve got your back and am here to help you find your way back to health, find your voice when navigating your health journey and return to loving your life.

I blend my passion and knowledge of restorative yoga with my own system of coaching to put you on the path of recovery had living a less stressful and more joyful life.

As a life coach and restorative yoga educator, my mission is to create a safe space for you to access your world of possibilities beyond your diagnosis. We explore how to approach your self-care, I provide YOU support, explorations and tools to rid yourself of the old belief patterns about recovery that are no longer serving you. I offer my coaching programs online so you can be at home, in your office or at the beach for our sessions. 

I am inviting you to tap into your inner truth and find a balance in your life between caring for yourself and others.

Let’s find your way back to your heart and start to live your own authentic life.

Are you ready?

My Why!


Let me tell you a story…

I’m in my mid-30s, married, successful in my career, great friends and had just run my first 10k. 

Life was good! 

My life was filled with crazy work hours, running, working out, and socializing with friends; there was never a quiet moment.

I was on top of the world and nothing could stop me—or so I thought. I didn’t realize the go go was actually starting to tear me down. 

It started with feeling more and more fatigued. I began needing coffee in the afternoon, energy to work out was non-existent, I began to experience inflammation and Advil became my best friend. It was no longer wine on the weekends it was wine every damn day so I could get to sleep and yet I never felt rested. Mornings were a struggle I could barely wake up and when I did my brain was foggy. Pain and fatigue dominated my every waking moment.

Getting out of bed seemed insurmountable. Having to put my feet on the earth to take a step was excruciating. I couldn’t get down the stairs without help, which was humbling, angering, and frustrating all in the same moment.  

I remember driving to work, waiting for the parking garage door to open with tears rolling down my face. I didn’t know if I could survive another day.

For months I suffered and kept plugging away believing this was what life is like when you’re busy and successful. I just needed to push through and eventually it would shift.

Then I could no longer push through. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In that moment, my life was over. Nothing would ever be the same.

Anger came in and I was ready to fight. This was not my story. I joined a gym, hired a trainer, and took a leave from my job.

I was going to “fix” this because there was no other option. I had responsibilities, people needed me to get the work done and take care of them. I defined myself as the caregiver I could not lose that as well. 

I began to notice my pain and suffering now included desperation. Nothing was working. All I could do was sleep and cry and exist in a black hole alone.  

Finally, after endless struggle, I found myself in a yoga class. Prior to my illness, yoga was about fitness. But this class was an act of surrender—I had nothing to lose. I went in and laid on the mat and did some movement, but spent most of the time in savasana. I left class that day feeling a little better. 

That experience led me to dive deeper into restorative yoga and also a journey into yoga philosophy, work with therapists, coaches and turn all of my focus inward and the healing began. Restorative yoga was my catalyst to change and became my healer, counselor, and sanctuary. It was all those things because I began to listen to my own needs and desires. 

Finally I was beginning to release the layers of stress I had been carrying for so long. I began to feel lighter; the fog was clearing and I was regaining my life. 

My sense of desperation left and hope was cultivated.  

As my inner connection grew, so did I. 

My dance with stress and illness took me from a dark place and brought me to the light. It taught me to quiet all the thoughts swirling in my mind, access safe passage for my body to release and let go. It brought me home to my heart.

I know it’s friggin scary! Navigating your health and questioning your recovery path is intense. 

Now I’m not saying you’re going to leave your job and become a  yoga teacher and hey maybe you will. What I’m saying is there’s a better way to come back to whole health. You deserve to wake up feeling energetic and refreshed; you deserve to have time for you and have boundaries. All of this accessible for you after your diagnosis.

Trust the power within you, step into your strength and let’s connect for a FREE discovery session.

You’ve got this my friend! And I’ve got your back! 

I would love to have you join my Facebook Group Sacred Circle for Women to connect with other like-minded women and access a FREE 7 Day Course to find Peace in your life.

Much love & peace,