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Love Your Hips and Empower Your Body, Mind & Soul

Love your hips empower body mind and soul


Do you LOVE your hips?  How is your relationship with your HIPS?

Have you ever experienced hip or low back pain and shared negative talk with your body?

Our hips are an integral piece of our boney structure. The hips are our centre of gravity.

Shifting our centre of gravity can take our bodies out of balance and create injury or discomfort in the joints and ligaments.

The hips are a part of our pelvic bowl. 

So what then is the pelvic bowl?

Pelvic bowl consists of the ilium; iliac crest, pubic bone, ischium and sacrum.

The pelvis is a stable hub. Energy from the earth is transmitted through the pelvis and energy from the upper body is transmitted through the pelvis to the lower body.

When all is in alignment the energy is transferred evenly through both sides of the body and yet if uneven the energy may disrupt certain patterns in the body.

This is a hub of activity in our bodies; physically, emotionally and energetically.

Physically the pelvis houses our reproductive system, lower digestive and our mula bandha.

Movements in the spine and hip joints are initiated from the pelvis using muscles to and from the pelvis.

Hip muscles become tight when we sit for long periods of time in cars; at desks; in front of the television.

There are many muscles impacting our hips and pelvis.

Tight Quadriceps and hip flexor muscles pull the pelvis into a forward motion referred to as an anterior tilt which can lead in to an over arching lower back.

Tension in the hamstrings and glutes pull the pelvis into a backwards tilt known as the posterior tilt which leads to a flattened lower back.

Anterior and posterior tilts create sensations and discomfort in our lower back and impact the surrounding structure and muscles.

The pelvis is in its happy place when it is perfectly stacked over the foundation of our feet to avoid unnecessary stress on the spine and the natural curves of the vertebrae are able to function properly as a shock absorption system.

Moving through our day with  the hips out of balance can bring the spine into twisting and bending that leads to back pain, sacroiliac joint pain or muscle and joint issues.

A strong and balanced pelvis leads to a strong and balanced upper and lower body.  It creates a unified body.

Not only are our hips vital in our physical alignment they have  a strong connection to our emotions and energetic body.

Energetically two of our lower chakras reside in this area: the muladhara (root) and svadhishthana (sacral).

The root chakra is associated with our sense of grounding, safety and connection.

The sacral chakra speaks to our sensuality, emotions and fluidity in life.  How do you move through life? With fluidity or rigidity? When rigid where does it show up on your body? Hips, low back or sacrum?

When life is filled with chaos our hip pain or movements may become rigid; when life is going the way we feel it should perhaps we move with more fluidity.

Ever been in a yoga class and your teacher says we are doing a hip opening class and to be open to receive the emotions that may arise?

My favourite expression I learned from my one of my teachers is the hips are our emotional junk drawer.  A place our emotions go when we are not ready to process.

Hips are emotionally charged & we may store fear and vulnerability.

When the hip flexors located at the front of our bodies are tight it may be sharing information that we have fear of moving forward into our future or fear of the expectations we have placed upon ourselves.

When connecting to the sacrum, piriformis, sacroiliac joint at the back of our bodies we may discover something is holding us back perhaps an issue with our past or fear we are not ready to release.

Bringing awareness into the pelvis/hip area physically, emotionally and energetically creates space for us to learn what our bodies are trying to tell us and begin to release and move forward with grace and fluidity. This is an opportunity to experience freedom from what may be holding us back.

When we free up our hips we free up our lives and empower our body, mind and soul.

You deserve time to create space and release the emotional identities held so tightly in your hips. Notice when you embark on this journey how your hips move from rigidity to fluidity.

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I’d love to hear about your journey with your hips!

Much love and peace,


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