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What is Manifestation?



Interested in manifesting? Ever wondered what exactly manifestation really means?

Some believe manifestation is the idea of just wishing what you want and it comes to you.

In other words they do not believe it all. They describe it as woo woo; or hocus pocus.

Others think manifesting is a new age movement or a fad trying to convince people to just believe in what they want and not actually work for it.

I call B*^@S*)T!

The book & the movie The Secret brought the idea of manifesting into more of the mainstream consciousness.

The Secret was also criticized for simplifying the idea of how to create the life you want through manifestation.

Manifestation is work!  It is your inner work.

Manifestation is not about saying  what you want over and over again and it appears.

Manifestation is about us connecting to ourselves and raising our own vibration.

When we begin our exploration into manifestation it is a process. We examine who we are and are emotional responses to the events in our life.

In order to manifest we have to potentially shift our beliefs system and bring ourselves into alignment regarding the laws of attraction.

Learning to raise our vibration and being aware when our vibration is low is a part of manifestation. Part of this is also learning ways to raise our vibration.

As we walk through life and all the experiences taking time to become aware of our emotions will create awareness of our vibrational frequency.

When we are suffering or experiencing grief, shame or guilt we are in the lowest vibrational frequency.

During times of joy and love we are in creative and expansive energy and the highest vibrational frequency.

At the times of struggle and suffering accessing the tools to raise your vibration is important to shift our being.

Our potential to manifest is deeply rooted in our emotions and our connections with others.

Manifestation is also connected to our ability to truly be aware of what we desire.

To explain a little more here is an example. Perhaps you want to manifest more money.  So let’s go a little deeper with that desire. Why do you want more money? What is your belief around money? What were your childhood experiences around money? Why will money make you happier?   Is there are a fear of lack of money and this is why you want to manifest more money?  Do live in scarcity?

If underneath our desires and buried in our subconscious is a fear or negative belief around money; manifesting will be difficult.

We want to clear the negativity and manifest from a higher vibration; which means being aware of what lies beneath.

Many of us live unconsciously. We are not even aware of what lies in our subconscious or even why we make the decisions we make. This is the work.  Learn to live consciously and understand our choices.

It’s not easy to live consciously. We have a lifetime of patterns that have become engrained in each and every choice we make.

Living consciously is looking at our programming and understanding if our current belief system is our own or some thing that we have taken on from those who have raised us and surrounded us through life.

Manifesting takes bravery, work and insight into who we are.

Looking for ways to raise your vibration. Check out 10 ways to Raise Your Vibration:

  1. Be in nature
  2. Gratitude
  3. Acts of Kindness
  4. Sleep
  5. Play
  6. Meditation
  7. Nourish the Body with healthy food
  8. Hydrate
  9. Dance/Play
  10. Laughter

For me manifestation is not just a fad. It is a way I strive to live my life and it takes work each day.

There are days when I fall into the negativity and my work is to recognize and begin to shift. It is not just about me saying a positive word to eradicate the negative thought but rather diving in to determine where this negative belief is coming from in order to heal it and move forward.

Manifestation and yoga for me are so closely tied as yoga allows me to dive deeper and manifest the life I want to create. Manifesting creates space for me to acknowledge my patterns.

I have created this FREE meditation and explore the potential of manifestation in your life.

Are you interested in learning in more depth about manifestation?

Join me for the ONLINE WORKSHOP scheduled on September 12, 2020 at 10am for 2hrs where we will explore what manifestation is all about and ways to centre ourselves to create space to manifest.

Much love & peace,


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