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Who is the course for?

Are you a busy woman diagnosed with an autoimmune illness?

Does it feel like your life as you know it is over? 

Your medications are brutal and creating a whole new set of symptoms?

Do you carry bottles of Advil in every purse? 

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep and woke feeling energized. 

Has the glass of wine turned into half a bottle so you can fall asleep and yet inevitability wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning.

Does it feel like you’re at the end of your rope? 

If any of these sound familiar I totally relate.  I’m here to tell you there is another way. 

This group coaching program was created for YOU by me through my own personal experience with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

It’s the first step in resetting how you see yourself with your diagnosis, how you’re spending your energy and resetting your relationships and realigning what is important to you and rediscovering your own value around your health.

This program is for you if you’re ready to live life differently and know you need support to get there. You are not alone. You are worthy of changing your life.


I’m so excited that you are interested in potentially joining me in my signatory group coaching program. 

This program has been designed for women managing a diagnosis of an autoimmune illness by me using my H.O.P.E. methodology.

In this method, you will honour yourself. Determine what you need for your recovery and maintaining health as you explore deepening your connection within. This journey will not be alone as you will be in a boutique group of women experiencing similar issues. 

The process starts to bring to your awareness of thoughts conscious or in your subconscious and we work to break the cycle of thoughts that hold you back or are no longer serving you. 

My friend, I know the importance of rest and this component has been integrated into the method to be sure you take the time you need to restore all parts of who you are. 

Energetically you have been feeling depleted. This method taps into the power of subtle energy with you and unleashes your own unique creativity, strength and intuition. 

This online group coaching program is only open to a limited number of women at a time so I can be sure everyone receives the support and connection needed as we move through 3 months together.  

Completing this program will help you:

3 Month Method

Let’s get clear on what you want. Clarity is power and not always easy to find. Once you have this clarity we can see what may be holding you back. Finding clarity with so much information surrounding your diagnosis can be overwhelming so we explore this together. 

This module is two weeks. We have a LIVE coaching session with Q&A. Lifework for you to explore. There will be a pre-recorded coaching video for you to review and another LIVE Q&A to answer any questions or to support any challenges that arise.

A pre-recorded meditation is also provided to support you through these two weeks and help you find clarity. 

Here my friend we start to dive into our awareness not only of our thoughts but also of our bodies. We look into the awareness you have around your diagnosis and what you’ve been told.

This module is two weeks and we start with a LIVE Coaching session with time for questions. There is lifework for you to explore and a pre-recorded video. The second week we gather for another LIVE Q&A/support call and check in on your week and challenges. 

This week there will also be a video with a restorative yoga pose to support finding relaxation during this module. 

You are not your thoughts. Such a simple sentence and yet powerful when you really explore how your thoughts hold you back. 

During this two week module our LIVE coaching session is focused on our thoughts and how we can create shifts in our thinking and releasing the one that are limiting you. The second week there will be a pre-recorded coaching session available and another LIVE Q&A call for us to check in with each other. 

Continuing to build on tools in your tool box a breath practice will be available for you to explore. 

This module is all about being open to the endless possibilities. During these two weeks you will explore just what is possible for you and how your diagnosis will not hold you back. 

During our LIVE Coaching session we will explore how we can shut off the world of possibilities because of our own mental constructs and find ways to break free. A second pre-recorded coaching session will be available and then we will share another LIVE Q&A to explore what has arisen for you. 

I will share with you the idea of sourcing and you will have a guide to explore this in your own time. 

Do you put everyone first? Do you self sabotage your own health and happiness? This module is all about deserving and exploring your relationship with this concept. We will have our LIVE coaching and Q&A. A supplement pre recorded coaching session will be available for the second week and we can reconnect to explore your insights and challenges. Journal prompts are available here for you to dive a little deeper.

Here we are setting you up for success. Our LIVE coaching session explores boundaries, routine and what you need to continue with self care and to stay on the path towards mental and physical wellness. 

This module is two weeks and pre recorded coaching session is released in the second week and we gather again for a LIVE Q&A check in so I can support any challenges that arise. 

Your lifework will be to build a morning routine or sleep ritual that supports what you need. 

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