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FATIGUE Is More Than Being Tired: It’s a Mind F**k



Have you ever experienced fatigue? Did you find it hard to describe and tried even harder to hide it? 

Fatigue is not just being tired. It’s a feeling of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. 

I never understood what people meant by feeling fatigued until I experienced it. 

After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I had to surrender to my illness because fighting it was creating more dis-ease. I’ve often explained to people it wasn’t the pain that caused me to spiral into despair it was the fatigue. I pushed so hard through the fatigue and ultimately became worse.

My fatigue was so overwhelming. There were days I couldn’t get out of bed or had to lay back down after only doing one or two things. I was not just tired or sleepy but experienced a lack of motivation, unable to think, focus or even hold a conversation. All I could do was cry and release whatever the feelings were I was feeling. When I surrendered and let my body guide me to what it needed I began to experience better days.

Fatigue can appear in life due to lifestyle factors, physical health conditions and mental health issues. 

My fatigue appeared after my diagnosis of RA and created mental health issues as I navigated my healing journey. 

It is common for emotional issues to appear alongside fatigue such as anxiety, depression and burnout. Fatigue can also trigger feelings of guilt and shame. 

In society, if you’re not busy doing and achieving and doing some more it feels like you’re lazy. This is from a paradigm buried deep in the subconscious that is imprinted upon us through social media, family beliefs and societal views. Rest is deemed lazy. When we go against the grain of our paradigms the feelings of guilt and shame arise. Guilt because you can’t keep up with your tasks, shame because you feel like a failure as a working woman, partner, caregiver. 

If you’re a woman recently diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and experiencing fatigue my invitation is to allow yourself to pause and feel it. Be with the fatigue, nourish yourself to recovery from the fatigue and most of all be compassionate with yourself. 

It is an opportunity to reevaluate your beliefs and begin to stand guard on the thoughts that arise. Notice the thoughts and are true, question the thought, feel the emotion that is triggered by the thought and allow it to move through you. 

It’s not an easy thing to do and yet one that will change your relationship with fatigue. 

Tips to Manage Fatigue

For me, this was the most important tool I used as I healed. Other tips on managing fatigue I invite you to explore are below:

1. Eat a brain-boosting snack i.e. fresh apples, dates 

2. Get outside for a breath of fresh air (even if you’re sitting on a porch or patio)

3. Rest for 20 minutes 

4. Quick shower or splash your face with cold water 

If you are ready to step into healing I would love for you to download this FREE Guide I created on 5 Ways to Love Your Body. The Guide has been created for women who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and want to deepen their relationship with their bodies.  Grab the GUIDE here www.mistylucaswellness.com/loveyourbody

I would love to hear about your experience with fatigue send me an email. 

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