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Empower Yourself with a Mindset that changes your Life


Self-inquiry time….

Are you feeling stuck?

Feeling unfulfilled?

Feeling like life is not in your control?

Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and believe you will never get better?

If you have felt this way it could mean it’s time to take a deeper dive and explore your mindset.

When we think of our mindset we want to develop a mindset of confidence otherwise known as a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset

When we look at the growth mindset people who have this mindset are frequently more resilient, better coping with failure and more likely to challenge themselves. and challenge the stories people tell them about themselves.

Whereas those who don’t have a growth mindset are less resilient, poor at coping with failure, their illness and avoid challenges that may reveal flaws they believe exist

Essentially the growth mindset believes there are basic qualities for example our intelligence and talent can be cultivated through effort. This means while people are innately different and have different talents and temperaments all aspects of a person’s abilities and personality can be changed no matter where your setpoint is.

Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is where we believe we’re born with the abilities that we have and that’s it. We may also believe we have our illness and that’s it!. That sucks!

A fixed mindset is a belief people are uniquely talented or born intelligent and that was the way it is. Or perhaps an example is we told something is wrong with us and we believe it and think it will never get better.

This sounds like a small and limiting way to live to me, what about you?

Locus of Control

Connected to a growth mindset is the idea of a locus of control. When we look at the locus of control this is what we believe is in our control and what is not within our control.

If you’ve been feeling like your life is simply happening and you have no control or your decision-making capabilities and is outside of your control you have an external locus of control. If you feel that you’re in control of your life even when something happens outside of your control but feel you still have the power over the outcome this is an internal locus of control.

The development of this internal locus control can help us feel more empowered in life. We want to take action even imperfect action. This gives us the empowered feeling to direct our lives and create confidence. This creates an feeling of empowerment even when we are dealing with a diagnosis.

When we understand our locus of control we’re able to dive deeper into our mindset.

One or the Other?

If we think about this idea of mindset go back to when you’re born. No one baby is born as a magical musician or a mathematician. We’re all at the same when we are brought into this world. 

In western culture we take tests and they say this is your intelligence. We buy into this and create limits on what we believe we can do. We’re told we have an autoimmune illness and we set limits on what we believe our future will look like. We’ve now created a fixed mindset which makes it very difficult for anything to change.

When people have a fixed mindset they believe that they’re always at the same level regardless of the effort they put in. It also is a belief the illness is what it is. This stops people from putting in the effort to make a change because their belief is it will make no difference.

With a growth mindset you see the world differently and believe the more effort you put change will occur.  With a grow mindset failure is not negative it is a learning experience. Living with a growth mindset you will find joy in learning, growing and exploring your illness and what you need.

Signals of your Fixed Mindset

Signs that you may have a fixed mindset can be that voice inside your head saying:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I will always be sick
  • I will probably fail
  • I can’t do this
  • I don’t want to risk it but I’m not naturally good at guess I should just quit
  • It’s not my fault but that way try if it’s not going to change 

When we get into this fixed mindset and begin to be consciously aware of the voice inside our head.  Then start to shift the internal dialogue and change the perspective to a growth mindset. How you may ask? Remember not everyone starts out being good or successful and everyone fails along the way.

I believe shifting your mindset starts by becoming aware of your thoughts. It’s about being aware of the voice inside your head. Want to read more about our thoughts check out my blog The Voice Inside Your Head…

Whether you are experiencing a fixed mindset or growth mindset there are always ways to shift your mindset.

Another way to create that space to change the mindset is to practice affirmations. Write them on a stickie and put them there where you will see them every day. My affirmation on my computer is “It’s my responsibility to share my great work with the world”

Remember that failures don’t reflect that you’re a failure, they’re opportunities for you to grow, Your potential is limitless.

Are you wanting to dive deeper and see how your mindset may be holding back your healing?  Join me for a FREE 45 min Discovery Call. Click on link to come to my calendar and schedule a convenient time.

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