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Emotional Vibrational Highs and Lows: How to Watch Out for the Chaos

When you think of the word vibration you may think of a loud bass pounding from a speaker at a concert (who the heck remembers concerts, right?). Or maybe you think of bigfoot stomping in the woods and the residual vibration shakes and shimmies the leaves on a tree.

I’m thinking of a different type of vibration. More of an emotional vibration defined as:

Emotions resonate with the vibrational frequency that they generate. The higher the vibrational frequency, then the higher the expansion, and the greater the Life Force in your cells. … The emotional energy vibration can be like earthquake tremors such as in a state of anxiety.

What the heck does vibration have to do with coaching and yoga? Well I’m looking at emotional vibrational energy and how a low vibration impacts our life force.

Autoimmune Illness

When dealing with an autoimmune illness or chronic stress event that impacts our physical health we begin to dip into a lower emotional vibration.

Because you’re made up of vibrational energy meaning, you’re made up of particles of energy that are vibrating in the space to create who you are. I know it can be thought to grasp this idea that you’re vibrating energy. BUT WE ARE! And our emotions are energy in motion.

When dealing with your illness compounded with low vibrating emotions it further impacts our physical well-being.

The two lowest vibrating emotions we can experience as humans are guilt and shame.

As women, we enter this life with expectations that are filtered into our subconscious from the day we’re born. We’re taught how to be good mothers, wives, partners. And also successful career women. All of this is impressed upon us at a young age. So when we strive for greatness in all these areas we become susceptible to dis-ease. When dis-ease enters so do the low vibrating emotions like shame and guilt.


Shame is a self-conscious emotion that is associated with a negative evaluation of ourselves and is a part of feeling distress, powerlessness and worthlessness. In the book by David or Hawkins Power v. Force, he talks about a scale of consciousness and finds emotions below 200 on this scale are destructive of life both individual and society at large where in contrast levels above 200 are constructive expressions of power.

In his book, he describes shame at a 20. He further defines shame as hanging our heads and slinking away wishing we were invisible. He describes it as destructive to emotional and psychological health and makes us prone to physical illness

Interestingly if you’re diagnosed with an autoimmune illness you can compound the illness with shame which compounds our physical expression of our illness. Shame arises because you’re not able to do what you did prior to your illness. Shame arises because you question, why me, what did I do wrong to become ill.  Shame can be created from feeling like you’re not showing up for your family as you once did and your mindset becomes filled with worry.

There is nothing shameful about experiencing dis-ease in the body. If we can shift from this emotional level we can begin to bring the body and mind into a higher vibration as we navigate healing.


Dr. David Hawkins also measures Guilt on the scale of consciousness and it’s 30. He indicates that Guilt manifests itself in a variety of expressions such as remorse, self-recrimination, masochism and the whole gamut of symptoms including victimhood.

Guilt is divisive and like shame embarrassment or pride has been described as a subconscious emotion.

When you’re dealing with your diagnosis guilt can arise because you may feel you’re failing at life. You feel you’re failing your family, failing at your career.

Guilt can create a psychosomatic disease and can have you spinning in your mind.


As you navigate through our autoimmune illness the invitation is to keep in mind two things:

  1. You-re not your illness
  2. Have self-compassion

When I talk about you not being or illness it’s a reminder the illness is a message from your body. This message is giving you information on what you need to shift or let go of. Combining this with self-compassion you’re able to begin to listen to what you need. Create compassion when you’re not able to complete something. Create compassion when you need to rest and give permission to reset so your body and mind can begin to heal.

It seems impossible to separate yourself from your illness and impossible to be compassionate with yourself when all you feel is failure and desperation. But I’m here to tell you that you have the power to overcome, to raise your vibration.

If you’re stuck in this low vibration level of emotions notice it, become aware of it and give yourself permission to feel it. If you don’t move it through feelings and emotions it will only manifest physically and creating space for your illness to deepen.

You’re worthy of your focus, time and compassion.

Guilt and shame may arise due to your illness and I encourage you to acknowledge them see them and then gently release them.

If you are seeking to explore a deeper connection with Self I invite you to download this FREE GUIDE: LoveYourBody with some explorations that create space for you to quiet the mind and get out of the loop of his heavier emotions that exist.

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