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Welcome Spring!! 

It has been such a beautiful month and a great time to explore, peel back the layers of winter and witness the growth all around us.

Resistance what does this word mean to you.  For me it has been present recently and I have been pondering its meaning and intention in my life.  

The dictionary defines resistance:  as the process of resisting and resist is defined as: to try to prevent by action,  withstand the action or effect of

Resistance is a reality.

We resist things that come up for us in our lives and in our bodies when we are not ready to deal with the experience or sensation.  

By resisting we are closing it off and not providing presence for what is troubling us whether it is an emotion; a physical ailment or a relationship.  

If we can learn to soften and embrace with kindness there is an opportunity to find resolution and healing.

As I continue to grow, shift and learn I am beginning to embody the idea of resisting things in my life creates a barrier, an opposition and I begin to harden.   My work is to recognize my pattern and begin to soften to the experience or sensation so I can embrace what I need and begin to find resolution to what does not serve me and move forward.

My past has shown me that by resisting something I give it more power.   When I soften and begin to understand or approach with kindness I have the ability  to integrate and move through the emotion, sensation or experience.

For some time I have been experiencing physical sensations that have been persistent and currently are significant.   Being fully aware of my own health history of rheumatoid arthritis I have been resistant to the idea these sensations may be connected to this previous diagnosis.    I have not resisted the sensations in my body and yet have explored the sensations with a need to “fix” them.   

Upon recent reflection I noticed I had not softened to the sensations but rather resisted and was trying to “fix” it as if something was wrong with me.  

There is nothing wrong with me.

The sensations remained and so did my resistance.  As I resisted the sensations grew louder and louder.  Over the last three weeks I have begun to soften; embrace the sensations and began to listen.   My body is speaking to me and it is now time to give it presence in an effort to begin to heal.

This is not a new lesson for me and yet one I may not have fully integrated into my life and now have the opportunity to do so.  My resistance has softened.   

My yoga training has assisted me to explore a deeper understanding of who I am and I continue to explore and grow everyday.  This is yet another opportunity for me to grow.

Yes my resistance is an old pattern I have now repeated this pattern again.    I am going to love myself through this exploration and be kind to myself.   I have peeled back another layer and found my resistance is connected to my fear of being unhealthy; fear of not being good enough.

I am ready to face this fear and move forward.

Our lives are such beautiful journeys filled with light and dark and both provide the opportunity for lessons.  We may repeat those lessons.   Allowing ourselves to experience what we need to without judgment and with love, kindness  and acceptance is a way for us to begin to approach resolution and healing of old wounds.

What in life are you resisting? Are you able to soften and give it presence?