5 Day Challenge: How to Combat the Flares from Your Autoimmune Illness

Calling on all working women who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and are still grinding it out at work BUT have nothing left in the tank for themselves or loved ones? 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Is your body and mind constantly in fight mode to just get through the day? 

Do your days start in a haze from medications and fatigue?

Does every joint in your body hurt when you first open your eyes? 

Are you experiencing lack of intimacy with your partner? 

Is the only way you can self soothe is by making toxic choices such as overeating, alcohol or drugs?

What if I said you may be self sabotaging your own health and creating flares in your body?

Well you may tell me to go f*&^ myself and I get it.  But I’ve been where you are which is why I created this FREE 5 day challenge: How to Combat the Flares of Your Autoimmune Illness Without Medication.



Are you ready to explore complimentary ways to manage your illness and find new tools?

Do you feel alone and isolated because of your diagnosis and ready to meet other women navigating the same path?

Are you ready to take some time for you to create the life you want to lead that feels more balanced and filled with connection. 


Have you been feeling the following? 

🌟  You’re suffering from a chronic state of fatigue, stress and burnout impacting all areas of life. 

🌟 Do you feel overwhelmed by your diagnosis and fear what your future is going to look like?

🌟 There has been a constant struggle with medications, motivation and energy. 

🌟 Do you have a deep inner knowing it is time to take back your health just not sure how?

What if you allow yourself to…


🌟 IMAGINE each day you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

🌟 IMAGINE a day without fear of the future.

🌟 IMAGINE a day without your illness dominating your thoughts and actions. 

🌟 IMAGINE a day without pain and fatigue. 

🌟 IMAGINE being able to tell what your body needs before its too late.  

🌟 IMAGINE leaving the feelings of guilt and shame behind you. 

challenge resilience

The Challenge Schedule

From July 26th to July 30th we will be live at 12pm on ZOOM or in the Facebook Group.  

Every morning you will receive an email with a ZOOM link and reminding you of our time together in the Private FB Group and if there are handouts they will be included in the email. Carve out 60mins each day for you to focus on the challenge. 

Create permission for you to join in the way that works for you so either Zoom or our private Facebook Group. 

Replays will be available until August 15th in case you can’t make it to one day.

Day I – Connection  

Start the week off with connecting with each other and exploring how an autoimmune impacts our daily lives and a tool to bring calm immediately. 


Day II – Guilt/Shame Spiral 

The physical impact of an autoimmune illness is so powerful sometimes we neglect the emotional response we experience. These emotions trigger flares.  We will explore how to create boundaries and pull ourselves out of the guilt/shame spiral. 

Day III – Stress Impact on Nervous System 

Living with an autoimmune illness it’s important to understand the connection to our nervous system and how stress triggers the flare.  We’ll explore the nervous system and ways to start to recognize the stress in life and move relaxation response to slow/stop the flare.

Day IV – Toxic Tools 

Managing the autoimmune illness is exhausting and sometimes it’s easier to use the toxic tools to feel better. We’ll explore together what our toxic tools are and how awareness can shift us to a better way to manage. 

Day V – Mindset Shift

Let’s chat about our mindset. Despair and deprivation can be where our minds wander. Let’s move to the place of possibility and health. 



At age 36 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and my world fell apart. I had a career in the legal field since I was 20years old, married and very social. After my diagnosis I slipped into fight mode and then despair. I did the things, took my medications, physiotherapy, doctors visits, bloodwork and still felt there was more to do. I knew I didn’t want these medications for life, I felt the diagnosis was a message and now after many years see it as a gift as I began to understand  the importance of finding time for self care. My exploration into the power of yoga was my saving grace. Yes the postures were great and yet for me it was the power of stillness and silence. I continued in my trainings to focus on understanding the body and the power it holds. Now I want to share this knowledge with other women to give them options as they move their own journey. My path took me to yoga but I truly believe we all have our own path and I want to be a guide to support women as they find theirs. 

I am a coach and a yoga educator. I get to blend these two amazing tools to support you in  deepening your knowledge around your physical, emotional and spiritual body in order to move through life more effortlessly. 

Are you ready?

What my students say...

Misty Lucas has a healing presence. She will tell you to be good to yourself, and her gift is to show you how.
Misty is an excellent yoga teacher she will take you on a journey for those 60 minutes of mindfulness, serenity and self-acceptance all while challenging your body. Highly recommend!!
Misty is great at explaining the importance of certain poses and benefits to your mind and body, as she gently assists with poses and movements during practice