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Access the Power of Private Yoga Sessions & Deepen Your Healing Journey


Yoga came into my life as a form of exercise and then moved to my key to recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). ?

After being diagnosed with RA my life was turned upside down. Restorative Yoga became a part of my healing journey.  If you would like to read more about my journey through RA and yoga follow this LINK!

When I tapped into the healing power of Restorative Yoga it became clear this was my new path. ?

For the past 6 years I have been sharing Restorative Yoga in group settings and along the way realized the power of sharing yoga in one on one sessions for people in recovery.

This year with COVID 19 and the impact on my small business I have continued sharing yoga privately with students online.

Restorative yoga is a practice that accesses healing through stillness.

When practicing Restorative Yoga it is a gentle practice where the student’s body is completely supported with bolsters, blocks and blankets. The joints are supported and in flexion to remove stress from the body.

Restorative yoga teaches the art of relaxation and creates the skills to self soothe. The body, mind and soul move from a place of activity to receptivity.

This practice supports the nervous system; bringing the body from fight and flight (sympathetic nervous system)  to rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system). During private sessions the student learns to regulate the stress response and balance the nervous system.

When a person is moving through recovery they have a heighten awareness to pain and may develop fear of pain with movement.

Restorative Yoga is for any one who is looking to start to bring release in a safe and supportive manner.  It also teaches students how breath can reduce pain in the body and create more awareness to the sensations that are presenting.

Yoga also supports the mental health of the student. When moving through recovery not only is the physical body in need of support but so does the emotional body. Depression and anxiety tend to go hand in hand when recovering from illness or injury as the life the person once new is no longer the same.  The ancient practice of yoga supports the mental and physical health of the student.

My experience has shown private sessions guide and honour those students ready to move forward with recovery in a safe and mindful way. 

Restorative Yoga is a practice that builds confidence for a person in recovery as they begin to bring more movement back into the body.  The practice provides another tool in the tool box to manage pain.?

Doctors have been recommending yoga for the past several years.  Physicians more and more are recommending yoga to patients as they recover.  There are opinions that yoga should become a part of the international healthcare system as outlined in this ARTICLE

Are you moving through a healing a journey and looking for ways to find support.

Perhaps Private Yoga Sessions are for you.

Looking for more information check follow the link: PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS

I would love to connect and explore opportunities to share restorative yoga for recovery with you.

Let’s connect!

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