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A Moment of Silence for your Skinny Jeans…

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It’s time to say goodbye to the beliefs around your skinny jeans.

Really who invented these jeans!

I remember being a teenager and even into my 20s (yes many years ago) and I would be zipping up my acid wash skinny jeans with a coat hanger as I got ready for a night on the town.

Seriously I must have secretly wanted to be an actress from a Van Halen video!

Don’t laugh I know you were there with me.

So today it is time to have a moment of silence for your skinny jeans.

You may be asking what the heck does skinny jeans, yoga and coaching have in common?

Body Image, my friend!

Do you ever look in the mirror and the first thing that comes to mind is how you want to change your body?

I’ve been there and I’ll tell you a secret I’ve been there recently.  All I could see were the flaws.

At this moment I realized again how the impact from the pandemic was still affecting my thoughts.

I’ve had a lifelong love-hate relationship with my body. It’s an ongoing practice to love myself and when I’m emotionally and mentally drained the old patterns arise.

Can you relate?

Growing up I had many beliefs and paradigms created around my figure and my weight. These were created from a well-meaning family with comments around food, weight gain. Or wait a minute my favourite was that I was big-boned? Did you ever hear that one?

This became a running commentary in my head and embedded into my subconscious and my psyche. 

As I aged it became a constant battle. I yo-yo dieted, starved myself and worked out nonstop. And yet no matter how tiny I became I was always too fat.

Maybe for you, it’s not about too much weight maybe it was about being too skinny or maybe it was messaging about your height. It doesn’t matter what it is about, I invite you to notice the dialogue you continue to have in your thoughts when you look in the mirror. Then shift it and turn towards compassion and self-love.

Learning to love yourself is not easy but well worth the work. Remember it’s a practice.

Practice of Self Love

I invite the idea of being filled with self-compassion and love as we are still in this pandemic. And now we are moving into spring and then summer because maybe it’s hard right now and the stories may even be more prevalent.

As the weather changes the advertising shifts and we are bombarded with bikinis, mid-drifts and many images of petite women that are photoshopped or touched up and this creates a false sense of image and not necessarily a representation of real women.

Let me be clear I’m not saying thin women should not be celebrated. What I’m saying is we need to forget about the comparison to others.

Perhaps you stop believing you should look a certain way and focus on how you feel, how your body moves and what is important to you.

You are beautiful, have an amazing body and are more than this physical entity.

I struggled writing this post because I feel vulnerable when thinking of my body. I feel vulnerable when I still find my self-worth tied to my body image.

When I love my body and pay attention to what it needs my relationship with myself grows stronger.

For example, when I was young and moving through premenstrual syndrome.  I’m talking about the cramping, bloated, enlarged and tender breasts and I would hate myself during this period of time. Now I embrace this beauty and the potential of what lies within during my moon cycle. This is a time of creation within me. This is a reminder I am a masterpiece.

You, my friend, are a masterpiece too. And I truly believe it may be difficult for you to feel that in your heart. I’m here to tell you what a masterpiece you are exactly as you are right now.

As a coach, I believe women’s belief system of how they perceive their body is strongly tied to their mindset and how they can step forward in life.  

Looking for a Shift?

If you change the narrative you have around your body you can change your life.  Interested in exploring the change in dialogue you carry? Join me for a FREE Empowerment Call.

As women we have lived by other people’s rules long enough with respect to how our body should look and I say it’s time to take our power back.

I’m not saying this is easy. It’s a practice. But one that’s worthy of your time in order to root yourself into the power of your own being.

In no way am I saying we shouldn’t be healthy and take care of our body I’m saying I’m tired of having someone tell me how my body should look. I want to focus on how I feel! 

I am inviting you to try an exploration of writing down everything that you may think you may want to change about yourself and then shift your perspective and realize what a gift it is.


Try mirror work take five minutes a day and stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you are loved. It may be awkward it may feel uncomfortable and the beauty is in the uncomfortableness.

It is time for you my friend to remember you are a masterpiece and to say goodbye to the skinny jeans!

I would love to hear from you send me an email or drop me a comment!

Much love and peace,


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