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5 Tips to Create a Serene Restorative Yoga Practice at Home

Right now with the state of the world home is our main space. We are navigating working from home, exercising at home and socializing at home.

We are finding our connection for work, friends and family through our computer screens. Our balance between work and home is diminished.

Our yoga practice may have been put on hold due to the studios closing. This makes it difficult to find the space to rest and relax.

I am here to let you know just because you can’t attend a studio; doesn’t mean you have to let go of your practice.

Be open to the idea of creating a serene practice in the sanctuary of your own home.

I am going to provide tips and ideas to create your at home restorative yoga practice.

If you are new to Restorative Yoga  check out this blog post Restorative Yoga For Healing.  Once you have read come back here and find ways to create this beautiful practice in your home.


Has this thought crossed your mind… how can I do a restorative yoga practice without the props?

No worries you are not alone!  I am here to share ideas of props you can use and will find in your own home.

For your restorative yoga practice have pillows and blankets nearby. Wrapping a pillow tightly in a blanket can create your own at home bolster.

If you don’t have blocks no worries do you have books of relatively the same size or cans of tomatoes or soup anything that can provide stability.

Have around a hand towel for an eye pillow or even to create neck rolls or rolls to support smaller joints such as wrists and ankles.

Everything you need for a restorative practice is in your own home.


You will want to be able to carve out a small space for your mat and props. A place just for you.

It doesn’t need to be an entire room. It can be a sweet little corner where you set up your mat. Perhaps create an alter with a few of your favourite things, like a picture, incense or statue.

Really anything at all to create space just for you and your practice.

Create this sacred space for you because you are sacred, your practice is sacred. Take a few moments to create this space.

When you are ready to practice land on your mat and take a deep cleansing breath to ground and embrace this sacred time just for you.


Number 3: SAFETY

You have created sacred space; one other thing to consider is to ensure you feel safe in your space.

Think about where you set up your sacred space.

Our bodies can sense when we do not feel safe. It will instinctually tense if there is any sense of unknown or feeling uncomfortable  For example perhaps if possible considering not having your back to a door.

Sit in the space you choose, close your eyes and tune in…listen to the beauty of your own heart…Do you feel safe?

Number 4:  SILENCE

Ok now you have your sacred safe space I invite you to see if you can find silence.

Music is beautiful and amazing and if music provides you guidance to ground then definitely use it.

I invite you to explore your practice in silence.

Life is so busy and times are beyond crazy at the moment creating an even more constant connection to computers, phones and sounds.

Play with the idea sinking into the silence of your practice.

If it feels impossible to find silence because of a full house take a moment and connect with family. Let them know when you are going to practice. The practice is for you and the beauty of the practice is not only will you reap the benefits of the practice;  your family will too.

Number 5:  WARMTH

Ah envision it you have landed on your mat; your breath is even and smooth;  you are in your favourite pose and your body begins to cool as you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Blankets, blankets, blankets have lots of blankets to wrap yourself in to keep the body warm and continue to sink into relaxation.

Ensuring you are able to regulate the body temperature is key to allow the relaxation to sink into your body, mind and spirit.

Being able to allow yourself to release and let go requires the body to feel safe, supported and warm.

Extra Tip!!!

Darkness – use an eye pillow or hand towel to cover the eyes once you land in your pose. This will create darkness and tune out the external world. We receive so much stimulation through the eyes that allowing our eyes to be covered brings our awareness inward and the opportunity to tune connect to our inner wisdom.


It can be intimidating to attempt your own at home restorative yoga practice and remember it is not a requirement for it to be PERFECT.

Start with the basics and begin to build from there. Once you become more comfortable working with your blankets, cushions and pillows you will be able to so find ways to completely support the body and be able to release and let go.

Remembering this is a practice. Be open to your own process of finding ways to come into your restorative poses and being kind to yourself to shift and move from each pose when needed.

You may surprise yourself when you take time to nourish your body, mind and spirit with Restorative Yoga and discover the power within your practice.

Looking for more?

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Remember you are worthy! Take time for you.

Much love,


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