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5 Meditation Myths Busted & How to Access A Calmer Mind

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There are myths surrounding meditation I am excited to share 5 meditation myth busters around meditation and find a calmer mind.

Meditation has become more main stream over the last 10 years. Interestingly enough meditation was not seriously studied in the western world until the 1960s.

As meditation popularity has grown so has resistance and confusion to meditation.

I believe most people have heard about meditation and immediately become resistant because of the busyness in their minds. I thought I would explore with you today 5 myths around a meditation and ways to bring in this practice and help calm your mind.

Myth Number One

I can’t meditate because I think too much.

We have a proximately 3000 thoughts an hour. Want to learn more check out my previous blog about how WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS

We all think too much. Meditation is an opportunity to begin to slow the thoughts down and begin to disconnect.

This can be explored in various ways. Meditation is not meant to clear all of the thoughts in your mind but rather redirect and help calm the mind.

Myth Number Two

I can’t meditate because I can’t sit crossed legged at all or not for long.

You do not have to be seated on the floor in a cross legged position in order to meditate. There are different ways to have your body in a meditation. For example I have explored a meditation while standing with my bare feet on the earth.

There are also walking meditations that can be explored while spending time in nature or lay down and meditate. There is no hard and fast rules that you must be seated in a cross legged pose in order to meditate.

The purpose of meditation is to calm the mind and body so if you were in a position that is uncomfortable it is unlikely that would happen.

I invite you to explore how would you like to access your meditation.

Myth Number Three

Every time I try to meditate I do it wrong!

Did you know there are numerous ways to meditate. There’s no right or wrong or good or bad way to meditate. You can access a guided meditation which can walk you through steps in order to calm the mind. These can be found on YouTube or on Podcasts.

There are introspective meditations where you tune inward and listen to the sensations in your body. The meditation moves through you creating space to create and release tension in the body.

There are meditations where you can focus on the flame of a candle. This meditation allows you to bring your focus to one item in order to tune out the rest of the thoughts.

There is also a beautiful practice of mantras. Mantras are ancient sacred sayings that can be in Sanskrit or even an English that you say repeatedly over and over again in order to allow the mind to simply focus.

Myth Number Four

Meditation is spiritual and I am not religious.

There is a difference between meditation and religion. Meditation has roots in the practice itself in Buddhism but there are many forms of meditation that have been created in the modern world that have nothing to do with religion. You do not have to believe in God or be affiliated with some religion or spiritual group in order to meditate or even reap the rewards from meditation.

Myth Number Five

Meditation would take years to learn.

Meditation is a practice. Some days you will find your meditation brings you right into the zone and are able to access the benefits. Others days it may feel like a struggle.

I invite you to allow it to come in the way it comes in. There is no point of perfection with meditation.

Meditation is a practice and we are working with our brains to build the muscle. Just as if you were building a muscle in the body it takes time and some days it feels better than others. The more you practice meditation the more you will learn about yourself.

There is no perfection in meditation this would be counterintuitive to one of the underlying reasons we meditate.

If you have ever been interested in meditating but certain ideas have held you back I hope these five myths busted your worries. Take time and create space for you to explore meditation and its benefits.

I’m excited to share this GUIDED MEDITATION for you to try and see what comes up for you.   Afterward here is a JOURNAL PROMPT which I would encourage you to write down the thoughts you have before meditation and then explore what comes up after the meditation.

Take a moment to notice any differences.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with meditation.

Much love & peace,


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